Dead Sea Scrolls
Museum of Civilization, Gatineau Quebec
December 7, 2003 -- Photo Album
Here are a few photos of Lachan singing in the main hall of the Museum of Civilization. It was quite an honour to sing at this significant event. The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit had just opened. Our repertoire theme was 'Songs of Antiquity'. The selections we chose for this event were:
  Haleluya - Srul Irving Glick, (1934-2002)
  Moshe al Har Choreb - arr. Andre Haydu
  Hizki Hishki - Abraham Casseres (circa 1700's)
  Keter - Salomone Rossi (1580-1623)
  Shelach Tishbi - Louis Saladin (circa 1680-1700)
  Helleluyah - Ben Steinberg (Toronto)
  Avinu Shebashamayim - Meir Finkelstein (Toronto)
(Clips of some of the songs can be seen from our Audio/Visual page.)
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